The unit has been designed to be installed over a circular concrete basin, to realize a first separation between sludge and water.

It is composed by:

  • Bridge structure in thick welded metal sheet, walking grate, hand rails, foot guard according to safety rules.
  • Central joint with thrust bearing and electrical rotating distributor.
  • Drive chariot completed with mechanical gear speed reducer, rubber coated wheels, anti-snow blade.
  • Central deflection cylinder.
  • Fixed and movable scum blades, completed with a scum box.
  • Peripheral  Thomson profile overflows.
  • Bottom scraper with rubber hinges support wheels, all connected to the bridge with strong beams.
  • Sludge removal fail.
  • Overload protection with a current relay (installed in the main switchboard).
  • Standard production in hot tip zinc coated carbon steel, nuts and bolts in AISI 304 S.S..


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