The increasing request for sludges with a dryness percentage higher then 30%, can be satisfied, without very expensive incenerators, with Intereco’s granulation system.

This very low running cost and no polluting system uses a double screw mixer “GRA”, in which the cake coming from the belt press is mixed with quick lime (CaO).

Better then other devices, with the discontinuous double screw, cake is broken in very fine pieces while mixing  with quick lime.

The result is a very homogenous product in a nut like dimension.

The chemical reaction between lime and the water in the cake, with a temperature increase, both increases the solids percentage in the cake to be taken away and has a sterilisation effect or the cake itself.

Quick lime mixed with cake allows to reach a temperature of about 50° C.

At this temperature a large reduction of pathogenic germs takes place and salmonella disappears.

Part of the water also evaporates.

With lower installation and running costs, the belt press and lime addition system gives a final result, as cake dryness, better than what is reached with a filter press.

All with a continuously working plant with very little maintenance required.

Resulting cake, if there are no not-stabilized heavy metals, has an interesting use as a good fertilizer for acid grounds.


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